School Policies

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference.

If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed or if you require a paper copy, please contact the school office.

Accessibility Plan 2022

Accessibility Action Plan

Admission Policy September 2022

Administration Of Medicines Policy 2022

Anti Radicalisation Policy 2022

Attendance Policy 2022

Anti Bullying Guidance and Policy 2023

Arrival And Collection Policy 2022

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Principles

Calculation Policy 2020

Charging and Remissions 2022

Child Protection Policy 2022

Child On Child Policy Guidance And Policy 2022

 Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy 2022

Collective Worship Policy 2022

EYFS Policy

ECT Policy 2022

Educational Visits Policy

Emergency Plan 2022

English Policy March 2022

E Safety Policy 2022

Equality Policy 2022

Equality Objectives 2021-2025

Exclusion Policy Oct 21

Joint Looked After And Previously Looked After Child Policy 2022

Medical Conditions Policy

Medicine Policy 2022

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Missing Child Policy 2022

Mathematics Calculation Policy 2022 23

Numeracy Policy 2022 23

Positive Handling Policy

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy 2021

Recruitment Selection Policy 2022

RHE Policy September 2022

Religious Education Policy 2022

Remote Learning Policy

Separated Parents Policy 2022

SMSC Policy

Spirituality Policy

Staff Induction Policy 2022

Suspension and Exclusion Policy

Transition Policy

Transportation Of Children In Private Vehicles Policy 2022

Visitor Policy 2022

Whistleblowing And Confidential Reporting Policy 2022