Our Curriculum (including RE & RSHE)

The Principles of our Curriculum

Our curriculum will:

  • inspire and challenge all learners, and equip them with the confidence, the ability and desire to make the world a better place;
  • excite imaginations and give our learners access to the world’s major areas of learning;
  • promote the highest standards of achievement for all learners, enabling them to develop the personal qualities, skills and key competencies to be independent, motivated and self-disciplined learners;
  • be located in the context of the lives of our learners, and emphasise the inter-connectedness of learning;
  • provide for intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, social, scientific, aesthetic and creative development;
  • be international in its outlook, but rooted within our communities, contributing to their well-being;
  • address contemporary issues as well as the big ideas that have shaped the world in the past;
  • promote independence of thought and creativity of mind through a wide range of learning approaches.

We want children to leave our school with open hearts and minds, ready to respond to the opportunities that lie before them and to experience the joy of life in all its fullness.

Overview Planning

If you have anything that is appropriate for the current topic please don’t hesitate to bring items and resources in from home.

Foundation Stage 1 

FS1 long term planning


Long Term Planning Reception

Reception Maths LTP

Year 1

Year 1 Topic overview

Year 1 Objectives

Year 1 Maths LTP Mental Oral Starters 2019

Year 2 

Year 2 Topic Overview

Year 2 Objectives

Year 2 Maths LTP Mental Oral Starters


Religious Education  For All

RE Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools

RE For All parental notice

RE Long Term Plan


Relationships, Sex and Health Education

Please click on the link below for further information, which includes new guidance from the Church of England Education Office:-

RSHE Principles and Charter_

Parents letter Year 1

Parents letter Year 2

Parent questionnaire

Year 1 meeting

Year 2 meeting